A Year of Awe in the Sky

Mother nature put on dazzling shows in the night skies.

As if to make amends for the nasty weather that highlighted 2011, the awe and beauty of Mother Nature was on full display over the past year, giving us an occasional break from cursing the bad weather to drink in the wonders of its beauty.

In March, a full moon experts said would be the largest in more than 20 years did not disappoint. The so-called filled our eyes like big pizza pies on the night of March 19, and dozens of readers from around the world of the lunar phenomenon, creating a one-of-a-kind gallery of the occurrence.

In August, and originally appearing on , a reader with a quick trigger finger captured lightning strike over downtown Ridgewood, prompting other readers from parts far and wide to add more awe-inspiring lightning strike photos, creating yet another unique and beautiful photo gallery.

In September, the evening skies were graced by a that lifted the spirits of everyone who saw it. And again, local shutterbugs were eager to from their yards.

Honorable Mention: December 2010 Eclipse

Ok, it wasn't in 2011, but our pictures captured of the total lunar eclipse on Dec. 20 of 2010 really deserve .

To learn more about the night sky, members of Amateur Astronomers Inc.will present on Friday an informal lecture and provide views through two big telescopes at the William Miller Sperry Observatory on the Union County College campus. The lecture begins at 8:30 p.m.  The telescopes are in operation from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Learn more at www.asterism.org. Admission is free.


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