A Wonderful Day for a Ride

Millburn's Bike Day sees a good turnout.

Clear blue skies and warm temperatures made for a perfect day for Millburn's Bike Day.

Held in the library's parking lot, the event featured bike and heath related tables, including the Millburn First Aid Squad, environmental books and tote bags, a raffle of bike and environmentally themed items and a bike tune up by Nick Burton from the Millburn Bike Shop.

“I like the camaraderie this township has,” said Sandy Haimoff, Millburn's mayor. “It's joining your neighbor on a beautiful day. Millburn is on the forefront of going green.”

The event also included an obstacle course for the children, free water and bagels, and a helmet check up.

“We want to promote biking in Millburn because Millburn is a leader in environmental activities,” said Jennifer Duckworth, one of the organizers. “Biking is good for your health, the environment and for your wallets.”

Duckworth, along with Melissa Goldberg, Dan Baer, Vic Benes and Nick Burton organized the day, that included the closing of Glen Avenue to allow people to bike into the South Mountain reservation.

The Opportunity Project, a non-profit located in Millburn, that helps support those with brain injuries was there promoting the use of bike helmets.

“We need to let people know how important it is to wear a helmet,” said Amy Sigona, Opportunity Project's Development Director. “March was Brain Injury Awareness Month. It was so successful, we decided to continue.”

Sigona went on to stress that helmets should be worn for skateboarding and scooter riding as well. Opportunity Project has a list of 11 tips to get children to wear helmets when out riding.

  1. Establish the helmet habit early.
  2. Let them pick out the helmet.
  3. Wear one yourself.
  4. Encourage their friends to wear helmets.Talk to them as to why it's important to protect their heads.
  5. Give your child a short course on bike safety.
  6. Point out that professional athletes wear helmets.
  7. Take them to see a bike race where the professional riders wear helmets.
  8. Reward your kids for wearing helmets.
  9. Don't allow them to ride without a helmet.

  10. Plan biking outings together.

The event included a guided bike ride into the reservation and had a great turn out.


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