Celebrate Pi Day 2013 — with Pie

A perfect day for math geeks, Einstein lovers, and admirers of pie.

Thursday, March 14 is International Pi Day, a celebration of the Greek letter that is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter -- aka 3.141592653.  It is celebrated on that day because the digits in the date correspond with the first three digits of pi.

March 14 also is Albert Einstein’s birthday. Because Einstein lived in Princeton, NJ for over twenty years when he worked at the Institute for Advanced Study, the town hosts Pi Day events such as pie eating contests, an Einstein look-alike contest and this year, an international video contest. Find out more on the Princeton Pi Day Facebook page.

Closer to home, Able Baker is currently offering Pi Day cookies decorated like slices of pie (see photo). On Thursday, the bakery will sell slices of its delectable pies, usually only available whole.

Stop by and say a Happy Birthday to Einstein.


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