Spring Girls Night Out Set; Car Show Canceled

In May, downtown merchants and the alliance will host a second GNO.

was so successful for merchants in Downtown Millburn last fall, that they’re bringing it back for an encore.

Downtown Millburn has set the date – mark your calendars – for May 3, and has already received a lot of sponsorship support, but is still accepting sponsors, said Executive Director Lisa Hackett.

When the numbers were finally tallied, nearly 700 people came downtown to shop, eat and drink and participate in raffles and giveaways, she said. That’s a lot of people for a town that, except for its bars and restaurants, generally rolls up the sidewalks after business hours.

“It was so successful that when we were trying to decide what to do this spring, our members wanted to do this again,” said Downtown Millburn Executive Director Lisa Hackett, who was hired in October. “Everyone’s already lining up raffle prizes and events.”

While a second Girls Night Out is being added to the calendar, the C has been canceled. After many years, it had become a tradition, but Hackett said, while it was “fun and it put Millburn on the map” people did not come in to shop or dine. 

“They came to walk around and see the cars and eat a hot dog and that was about it,” she said. “We have to think of ways to draw people downtown and get them to shop.” 

Hackett said the Car Show wasn’t replaced with Girls Night Out, but the two decisions did occur not too far apart from each other.

“With the car show, we found that some people would close that day because the street was blocked off and no one was coming in,” she said. “So we decided we needed to do something that would promote our business.

“Our merchants suggested another Girl’s Night Out, and we were all over it,” she said.

Meanwhile, Hackett is lining up sponsors and volunteers. Those interested in either, should contact Hackett at ’s new offices on Main Street (above ’s).

Mary Critchlow March 21, 2012 at 03:31 PM
It's a shame that the Car Show is being canceled; it is a sad end to a great Millburn tradition. Perhaps it didn't get people into stores, but it did get our community out and downtown, as well as bringing in visitors. Our family will miss it!
J S Beckerman March 21, 2012 at 04:15 PM
Mary...if no one went, why keep it going? I went twice and found it boring...same cars from same people showing off their trophy cars. Yawn!
DS March 22, 2012 at 10:05 AM
It will be missed....great cars and a fun day. But, in order to really bring people downtown, there needs to be a downtown plan which makes it more condusive to walking around. Downtown Millburn is not people friendly. The town should analyse places like Maplewood and Westfield to really see towns, with plans, that are built around people strolling. The first thing I would do would be to narrow Millburn avenue to one lane of traffic and make it pedestrian friendly. Then, shrink the amount of parking and make buildings more uniform in texture and design. RIght now, downtown is for drivers and untill that changes or a master plan is put in place, it simply will not change.
john April 15, 2012 at 08:04 PM
I have a business in Millburn and we are relocating to a more appealing, business friendly town... More to come!


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