Millburn Schools Open Monday

A message from the superintendent with information regarding this upcoming school week.

Dear Millburn families, 

This is Update #11 regarding post-Sandy plans and progress.

Good news!  As of 7:00pm yesterday, all seven schools have been re-energized!  This is (FINALLY!) the news we've been waiting for.  The bad news is there are still some homes without power, so our sympathies remain with those families and we will of course continue to extend whatever accommodations or arrangements they may need to make their lives slightly less dislocated or complicated.
Here is where we stand for next week:

  1. All seven schools will be operating on normal, regular drop-off and pick-up, full-day schedules.  There will be no more extended drop off times, so allow some extra time as the traffic patterns will reflect more cars on the road at the same time trying to navigate through a still incomplete set of functioning township roads (but the return of busing will help congestion--see below).
  2. Busing is back!  As you might imagine, there are going to be delays here and there as buses negotiate some of the roads that remain closed, so please be patient as there are many people involved right now giving it their all to make this work.  There will be a follow-up email later tonight with detailed busing information.
  3. Lunch programs will be largely back to normal (K-5 schools will receive detailed information about their individual PTO food day plans).
  4. K-5 parent conferences have been postponed (so all five days this week are full school days at all seven schools).  Conferences will now be held on Dec 4-6 (see separate Edline email dated 11/9/12 for further details and feel free to confer with your building principal if you have any questions).
  5. Each school will send out communications regarding when particular school-specific events that were missed will be rescheduled.

STATUS OF THE MAKE-UP DAYS:  At this time, we do not know how the missed days will be made up.  "The Make-Up Decision" is an important topic to be sure, and I know people need to know for future travel and other plans, so we will definitely have that conversation soon.  Just not RIGHT now.  :-)
That's it for now.  In fact, that's it for these storm updates.  They are toast!  We have all endured quite a bit over the past two weeks, but we have also joined together to overcome much and have probably learned some things about ourselves (and our operation) along the way as well.  I cannot say enough about how the extended Millburn family--teachers, principals, support staff, students, parents...everybody!--has worked as a team to help each other in these times of need.  Now we are all looking forward to getting back to providing our Millburn students with the very best education, anywhere.

Time to get back to work on that.

Jim Crisfield


Jeff November 11, 2012 at 10:32 PM
S. Stern November 12, 2012 at 12:03 AM
Does anyone know if there is garbage pickup tomorrow being that it is Veterans' Day?


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