Letter: Brain Injury Awareness Month

Legislators recognized for preventing brain injury in New Jersey youth.

To the Editor:

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month! In recognition of this month, we would like to remind the public of two laws that will keep our youth safer. One addresses concussion recognition and management; the other addresses safety on the ski slopes of New Jersey.

Awareness of these laws can lead to prevention of one of the most devastating of disabilities: traumatic brain injury.The concussion law requires that a brain injury safety program for athletes be created in each school district; the fact sheets explaining the signs and symptoms of concussion are distributed and acknowledged by student athletes and their parents; and, requires guidelines be incorporated so that the chances of student athletes returning-to-play safely are maximized. The ski law protects youth by requiring those under 18 years of age wear a helmet while skiing.

The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey (BIANJ) recognizes Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan and Governor Richard Codey for being the lead sponsors for the concussion law. Also being recognized are Senators Tony Bucco and Joe Pennacchio, as well as Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer for authoring the ski helmet law.  Their combined efforts have contributed to the health and well-being of New Jersey youth.

New Jerseyans should take the time to learn about these laws. Contact the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey at 732-745-0200 or at www.bianj.org to learn more about these laws and other brain injury prevention programs.  

Barbara Geiger-Parker

President & CEO

Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey


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