Letter: Praise for Volunteer First Aid Squad

Family thanks First Aid Squad for help and care during a family emergency.

Dear Editor,

We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to the Millburn-Short Hills Volunteer First Aid Squad as well as the Millburn Police. Recently our family has had to call upon their assistance several times.  Each time a different group of squad members responded to the call, and each crew exhibited both professionalism and compassion.

When a loved one suddenly becomes unresponsive, anxiety immediately sets in, and it’s extremely comforting to know that help is just a 911 call away.  The anxiety seems to subside a bit once the 911 call has been placed. The police officers and squad members have a very calming effect on the family, and make you feel very comfortable as soon as they arrive.

On behalf of Guido Ricci, the family would like to express our sincere gratitude to the first responders who selflessly volunteer their time to assist others in need. Their dedication and professionalism is certainly something to be recognized and commended. 

With Sincere Appreciation,

Nina Ricci & Family


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