Cousin: Newark Man Shot Surrendering Gas Attendant

A man who pleaded guilty to related robbery charges says that his cousin was responsible for the 2009 killing of a Verona gas station attendant.

David Fate, Raymond Perry/File photo
David Fate, Raymond Perry/File photo

A Newark man on trial for the 2009 slaying of a Verona gas station attendant faced the testimony of his own cousin Wednesday in Newark Superior Court.

Raymond Perry, 48, was accused with his cousin, David Fate, 30, of killing a 29-year-old Verona High School grad Daniel Pritchard in 2009. 

Fate pleaded guilty in 2011 to several armed robberies and told a Newark courtroom that his cousin was responsible for the shooting.

Perry, now facing murder and robbery charges for the killing, shot the attendant while his hands were raised in surrender, according to his cousin, nj.com reported Wednesday.

Pritchard then managed to press a panic button hidden beneath the counter, according to Fate's testimony.

That’s when Perry shot Pritchard a second time, Fate told jurors.

Fate was sitting outside the station in the passenger seat of a stolen car eating Burger King watching the alleged killing unfold, according to nj.com.

The pair fled before police arrived. Perry was arrested in Newark 4 days after the alleged crime. Fate was arrested in South Carolina in early March. 

Perry’s attorney questioned the veracity of Fate’s testimony, saying that the North Carolina-native gave contradictory testimony about the theft of the getaway car stolen the day before.

Fran Hopkins April 05, 2014 at 11:28 PM
How can you call this an "alleged" killing? The poor man WAS killed.


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