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Police Arrest Three Shoplifters at Mall

Juan Morales, 42, of Madison, Rodney Hooker, 27, of Newark, and Wonmo Suh, 34, of New Brunswick, were arrested in three different shoplifting incidents at The Mall at Short Hills.

Three men involved in separate shoplifting incidents at The Mall at Short Hills on Saturday have been arrested, Millburn police said. 

In the first arrest, Juan Morales, 42, of Madison, was arrested for attempting to shoplift $1,042.50 of merchandise with a pair of pliers from Saks Fifth Avenue on Feb. 2, police said.

Morales attempted to walk out of the store with a concealed Zanga shirt, valued at $147.50, and a Versace jacket, valued at $895, at about 5:30 p.m, police said. The store's security personnel caught Morales and detained him until police arrived.

Millburn police searched Morales and found a pair of cutting pliers in his shopping bag. He was charged with shoplifting and possession of burglary tools.

At 7:05 p.m. an Apple Store employee said he watched Rodney Hooker, 27, of Newark, take a Mophie Juice Pack battery pack for cell phones, valued at $79.95, according to police. 

The employee told police Hooker opened the battery package, attached it to his personnel cell phone and put it in his jacket. 

According to the report, Hooker initially denied stealing the battery and was brought to the back office in the store. 

Police said Hooker tried to remove the battery from his coat and place it on the desk when no one was looking. However the store had a camera in the office that recorded him.

Hooker was arrested and charged with shoplifting. 

At 12:35 p.m., a store security officer in Saks Fifth Avenue told police he watched Wonmo Suh, 34, of New Brunswick, roll up two children's shirts, valued at $135, and put them in his coat pocket.

Suh tried to leave the store through second floor mall exit when security stopped him, police said.

Suh was arrested and charged with shoplifting.


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