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Police to Start Enforcing Millburn Avenue No Parking

A new ordinance bans parking between Vauxhall Road and Essex Street.

In November, the Millburn Township Committee passed an ordinance banning parking between Vauxhall Road and Essex Street.

Well, the signs are now up and police will start enforcing the ordinance soon.

Thehasn’t been enforced while police allowed residents to get used to the new rules, but that is to change soon.

Police Capt. Greg Weber said the intention was to start ticketing along the stretch after the new year. With the signs up, it means the area is now subject to enforcement.

"You park there at your own peril," said Capt. James Miller, police public information officer.

Both Miller and Weber said police were giving motorists time to acclimate to the new signs before they were going to start enforcing them. Part of that process was leaving fliers on people's parked cars to alert them to the change, Weber said.

"We try to be understanding, but it's well marked," Miller said.

Police officials  for the stretch in September, citing how inconsistent the rules were. There are stretches where no parking is allowed, but there are other areas where two-hour parking is permitted. Police said they wanted a consistent rule for the area.

J Doe January 07, 2011 at 01:41 PM
Funny, it is a Millburn street when it comes to getting revenue from tickets, but it is an Essex county street when it comes to plowing the snow. There are still piles of snow in the turn lanes that cause giant snarls of traffic almost 2 weeks after the last snow. Perhaps this time they will bother to do it right.


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