Local Justice: Decisions in Municipal Court

The Municipal Court handled two criminal cases, including one from 1997.

In State v. Lamond Bracy of Brooklyn, the State charged defendant in 1997 with shoplifting from Neiman Marcus merchandise valued at $173. After defendant failed to appear for his court appearance, the Court issued a bench warrant for his arrest.  Years passed, during which defendant had a clean record.  When the police in a neighboring township detained defendant on an unrelated matter, the police did a computer search and found that the 1997 warrant remained open.  Defendant was told that he must appear in the Millburn Municipal Court on the old charge. Defendant appeared in Court, pleaded guilty to the charge, and explained his circumstances.  The Court imposed a fine of $100, $33 in court costs, a $50 VCCO (Victims of Crime Compensation Office) penalty and a $75 safe neighborhood fee. 

In State v. Maria Suquilanda, the State charged defendant with shoplifting from Sephora seven bottles of cologne valued at $285.  Defendant pleaded guilty to the charge. The Court imposed a fine of $400, $33 in court costs, a $50 VCCO penalty and a $75 safe neighborhood fee. The Court also directed defendant not to return to the store for two years or she could face criminal trespass charges.


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