Parking Changes for Millburn Avenue, Stop Sign in S. Mountain Proposed

Police bring the proposals to the Township Committee before an ordinance is formally introduced.

Stop signs and no parking could be the changes in one area of town.

Millburn police officials are proposing no parking along the eastern end of Millburn Avenue and a stop sign in the South Mountain section at Southern Slope Drive and Parkview Drive.

Police Chief David Barber presented the proposals during Tuesday's Township Committee meeting, but no officials ordinance change has been proposed to the committee yet.

Between Vauxhall Road and the downtown area, there's no consistency in the signs and the parking requirements on Millburn Avenue, making it hard to enforce the parking rules, Barber said.

The section of the road has a mishmash of signs from two hour parking allowed in some sections to no parking at any time signs, he said. There is an area of two hour parking in front of several businesses near Myrtle Avenue and space for four cars to six cars, but the businesses have parking in the rear, he said.

"There's plenty of parking in the rear," he said. "There's no need for the street parking."

Deputy Mayor Sandra Haimoff questioned how removing the Millburn Avenue parking could affect parking on Myrtle Avenue. She didn't want to see parking pushed into the residential area.

Barber said he would hope it would push people into parking in the lot behind the businesses. He noticed people had parked on Myrtle Avenue when there was plenty of parking available in the businesses lot.

In South Mountain, there's already a stop line in the street on Southern Slope at the Parkview intersection, but Barber said the recommendation is to install the stop sign. The sign would formalize the need for people to stop and yield to motorists on Parkview, he said.

Daniel Baer, a committee member, said it's a good location for a stop sign, but he asked for the police to examine installing a stop sign on Southern Slope near South Mountain Elementary School. There's a hill down the street, he said, and it might be a good location for a stop sign. Barber said they would take a look at it.

Committee member Robert Tillotson also questioned the need for speed limit signs on Old Short Hills Road. The committee received a letter complaining there was not a sign going northbound on the street between Essex Street and beyond Parsonage Hill Road.

Barber said he went and looked at the speed limit signs and noticed the same problem. There's a school zone sign close to Essex Street for the Middle School, but then there's nothing after the school zone. Police are working to remedy the situation.


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