Stop & Shop Traffic Presentation Tonight

The long awaited presentation will discuss residents' issues with truck traffic on Millburn Avenue.

After two months of waiting, Stop & Shop officials will give a presentation addressing residents' concerns of added truck traffic as a result of the new food store on Millburn Avenue at the Zoning Board meeting tonight. 

The Stop & Shop is proposed for the old Saks Fifth Avenue location, 92 Millburn Ave. in Short Hills. Even though that property is located in Springfield, Millburn has jurisdiction on the 20-foot piece of land entering the property, the township engineer, Thomas Watkinson, said.

Residents and Watkinson have raised concerns of traffic safety with the proposed plan. The new food store would create more truck traffic on Millburn Avenue and would require the trucks to make a hard right from Morris Avenue. 

The Short Hills Association described it as "highway-sized supermarket" near St. Rose and Millburn High Schools.

Another resident has said it will add more parking spots, which would create more foot traffic for Millburn shopping.

What the community has said on the issue:

Rogie October 01, 2012 at 05:55 PM
Residents For Traffic Safety will be at tonight’s Zoning Board meeting with specific questions for the Stop & Shop traffic expert about deficiencies, questionable volume figures and potential problems in the Stop & Shop traffic study. Also the traffic-snarling problems presented by tractor trailers attempting to negotiate acute angle turns from Morris Ave onto Millburn Ave and from Millburn Ave onto Short Hills Ave. For more information, please visit www.residentsfortrafficsafety.org
Calty24 October 02, 2012 at 02:27 AM
Thank you for following this so closely, Rogie. Residents of Millburn need to be concerned about this and ask our Zoning Board to scrutinize all testimony and make a determination that will support the safety of our town. It is clear that these are real issues that need to be addressed very seriously.


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