Suspended Zoning Officer Awaits Hearing

John Fugger has been suspended since early October after a female co-worker filed a complaint.

The wheels of the justice system grind slowly.

To that end, Morristown attorney Peter Gilbreth said Wednesday he had no complaints thus far regarding the process concerning his client, John Fugger, who was suspended without pay from his job as the town's zoning officer in October after a female employee filed a complaint stating he had made unwanted calls to her after hours, despite being told to stop.

As a result Fugger, who has been a Morristown employee for about 25 years, has since been suspended without pay from his $83,469 a year job while the town investigates the charge.

"There is a right to a hearing. Usually dates are set very soon after allegations," Gilbreth said. "But, the 'discovery' process can take a while. We're in a bit of a lull until things start clarifying."

Business Administrator Michael Rogers said a hearing had been scheduled as required by law but was adjourned because of the investigation. Another hearing would not be scheduled until that investigation had concluded, he said.

"We requested an investigation take place," he said. "That is ongoing and why we adjourned that scheduled hearing. There’s still a pending investigation going on and it takes time."

If Fugger is exonerated of the charges, he would be paid retroactively for his time suspended, Rogers said.

Gilbreth said the whole matter has been a hardship for his client, not just monetarily but also mentally. "The process grinds slowly," he said. "It's tough for people who want to get things done yesterday."

Still, while it's been about two months since his client has been suspended from his work, "I have no complaints," Gilbreth said. "The point is there is this process. Everyone wants to be certain they are fully aware what's going on."

I plead the 2nd tchk tchk January 02, 2013 at 02:34 AM
These Morristown government employees have a real narcissistic attitude that all the citizens are incompetent and just need to pay their taxes and shut up about what they do.
I plead the 2nd tchk tchk January 02, 2013 at 02:34 AM
fugger is a liability. let him hang
I plead the 2nd tchk tchk January 02, 2013 at 02:43 PM
Now he gets some his own medicine. Stressing the hard working citizens out with his red tape. I HATE THIS GUY. Along with the other monkey wrenches in the building department. It is no wonder that there are so many empty commercial spaces in morristown. It is all thanks to the Town government. What a bunch of jerks. I have money to invest in morristown, but I will no longer do anything here. I made some successful investments despite the road blocks from the town, but then I was punished for my success. All these guys make me puke. A bunch of fascists.
I plead the 2nd tchk tchk January 04, 2013 at 05:17 PM
He didn't do anything accept squash peoples plans. Oh he also chased women at work, and violated the constitution by entering my premises under false pretenses.
I plead the 2nd tchk tchk January 05, 2013 at 03:39 PM
Hey Fugger. Walmart is hiring door greeters.


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