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Township Answers Residents' Questions in Anticipation of Hurricane

Millburn township provides Q & A for pre-storm preparation.

Below are answers to some questions that the township has received in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy impacting Millburn and surrounding areas:

Q: How do I report a power outage to JCP&L?


Your safety is important to us. Stay away from all power lines. Assume they are live and dangerous. If you have a downed power line or another hazardous situation, call 1-888- LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) immediately.

If you are reporting an outage that is not of a hazardous nature, JCP&L now has a form that can be filled out at the following link https://www.firstenergycorp.com/content/customer/jersey_central_power_light.html

Q: What number do I call if I need like to report flooding, a downed tree or other storm related issues to the Township?

A: If your call is a life hazard please dial 911 immediately.

The Township will have a call center in place for storm related issues. When the call center is operational residents will be notified through the Township website and CodeRed system. The call center will be staffed when a declaration of emergency is made by the Township and throughout that emergency. When this call center is operational, residents can call (973) 564-7755 and report their issue. By reporting your issue to the call center, the Township will be better able to allocate resources, prioritize calls, free up essential personnel and identify problem areas.

Q: What is being done is the South Mountain Reservation to aid in flood control?

A: Recently the dam at Diamond Mill Pond has been repaired which will aid in water flowing consistently through the reservation. At this time those that control the Orange Reservoir do not have the ability to reduce the water level.

Q: Will garbage and recycling be picked up during the storm?

A: Garbage and recycling collection has already been suspended for Monday and Tuesday of next week. Again, there will be no collection of garbage or recycling in the Township on Monday October 29th or Tuesday October 30th.

Q: Have the gates been opened in the Taylor Park Dam?

A: Yes, the two center gates have been removed completely.

Q: Is New Jersey American Water going to provide water in the event water becomes undrinkable?

A: The Township has requested 50-100 cases of water on an as needed basis from NJAWC. If there are issues with the water, the Township will update residents in a separate emergency alert through the website and CodeRed.

These links will also help residents follow updates from NJAWC via their website and facebook page. www.newjerseyamwater.com www.facebook.com/newjerseyamericanwater

Q: Will there be any warming or charging stations during and after the storm?

A: Yes, the Township is in the process of setting up a warming station and will provide more details once that location is confirmed. Town Hall will serve as a charging station for residents that wish to come and charge their cell phones, laptops or other electronic devices.

Q: Why will the Township not pump out my basement during a storm?

A: There are several reasons the Township is unable to pump out basements during a storm.

  1. If there is still water around the  home or in the yard, pumping out the basement could collapse or damage the foundation of the home due to the pressure from the outside water.

  2. If it is still raining and the water has not yet begun receding, there is nowhere to pump the water. It will only add to the bigger issue.

  3. Emergency service personnel must be dedicated to responding to emergency situations.

Q: Will the Township provide generators, so that my sump pump can keep working during a power outage?

A: No, there are simply not enough generators to provide to residents. The Township’s generators are needed for emergency services and its own operations.

Questions and answers will be updated as the Township receives more information. Each question and answer update will be a separate post on the Emergency section of the website and will be numbered by the order in which they appear. 


Arlene Pomerantz October 27, 2012 at 04:32 AM
I was wondering if the township yard has sandbags available for residents if needed?
Stefan October 27, 2012 at 04:52 AM
I normally park at township lot 1 but I heard it got flooded during Irene. What is the best place during the storm to park the car with the best chance if it being out of the way for emergency vehicles and preferably not flooded?


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