Township Council Meeting: Water Run-off, Baseball Signs and Solar Energy

A proposed Riparian ordinance and an future ordinance addressing pipe drain discharge were among the agenda items

Essex County is investigating the implementation of a solar energy program that promises substantial savings for the township, Mayor Sandra H. Haimoff told last night’s township council meeting.

The project would use the Morris County solar program as its model, she said.
 In Morris County, schools and agencies that signed up for the 15-year-program are hoping for up to a 35 percent savings in their energy bill, officials said last month

The council also discussed whether to support the Recreation Commission’s temporary advertising signs in Gero Park, the viability of a proposed Riparian ordinance, and the proposal of a future ordinance addressing sump pump and pipe drain discharge. 

Councilman James Suell said allowing advertising on public grounds in the park might set a precedent for other sports leagues. Councilman Robert Tillotson, however, felt it could be a good opportunity financially for the town recreation team, but said no revenue would go to the travel teams or All-Star team. 

Haimoff said, “The town has to sustain itself.  I have not found signs to be objectionable,” since the signs are temporary and limited in terms of size and number.

 “These are difficult times,” Haimoff said.  “Parents are asked to pay more and more for uniforms and other costs.  I support (the use of temporary signs.).”

 Millburn Township Code Enforcement Officer David Cuomo then addressed the council about his concerns about runoff of water from private residents creating hazardous conditions on roads and entering into the city water supply. 

Cuomo presented a slideshow of images that displayed ice and floodwater on residential Millburn streets.  He requested an ordinance giving him the authority to work with engineers to correct the situation.

He acknowledged this might mean fines for noncompliant homeowners but said they would receive ample time to correct the problem first.

“We are not revenue driven,” he said.  “We’ll work with the homeowners.  These are serious issues because they’re safety issues.”

As for the Riparian ordinance, which deals with water management in the township, the council decided to discuss modifications at the next meeting on April 5. Pool drainage may also be added to the ordinance at that time.

In other council news:

• Tillotson announced there would be a town barbeque Saturday, April 30, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Arboretum.

• The summer concert series would begin June 26 with “Street Hassle,” followed by “Rock ‘n Roll for Kids and Adults” on July 17,  “Best of the Beatles” on July 31 and “Reminisce” on August 14. 

neanderer March 16, 2011 at 02:35 PM
Is it possible to get a copy of the minutes from the meeting? Am interested in the ordinance regarding water runoff. Many places in town are very dangerous in the winter with sheets of frozen ice extending into the street.
MillerTime March 17, 2011 at 04:01 PM
I agree with Haimoff, let's not get snobby over some signage at a baseball park. Times are tough and parents could use a reduction in the fee to play baseball. I don't why Tillotson doesnt want any of the revenues to go towards the all star teams. (Maybe his kid never made the team,hehe)


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