13 to Retire From Millburn Schools

Longtime Spanish and French teacher Kenneth Rizzuti and guidance secretary Roberta Halpern among those retiring.

Written By Jenny Goldberg

John Rogers, of the Millburn Retired Education Association, on Monday welcomed a long list of new members.  

Here is a list of retiring teachers of Millburn School District who have served multiple years of service to the community: 

  • Pam Melchior, 4 years of service, Paraprofessional, South Mountain
  • Richard Harris, 10 Years of service, Maintenance, District
  • Sandra Fried, 12 years of service, Math Teacher, Middle School
  • Carol Baker, 12 years of service, 5th grade Teacher, Glenwood
  • Enid Edelsen, 13 years of service, Special Education, Wyoming
  • Kathy Kloos, 13 years of service, Science Teacher Middle School
  • Josephine Savino, 13 years of service, Italian teacher, High School
  • Susan Lisbin, 15 years of service, Art Teacher, South Mountain
  • Sandra Velardi, 18 years of service, Secretary to Vice Principal, High School
  • Sandra Kirschenbaum, 24 years of service, English Teacher, High School
  • Joyce Smith, 29 years of service, 4th Grade Teacher, Deerfield
  • Roberta Halpern, 31 years of service, Guidance Secretary
  • Kenneth Rizzuti, 36 years of service, Spanish and French Teacher, High School

“Every year when retiring season comes up, I personally wince. I realize that were losing great educators,” Board of Education President Jeffrey Waters said.


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