Board of Education Subcommittee Assignments Announced

Millburn's school board president presents subcommittee assignments for 2013.

Millburn's recently elected Board of Education President Jeff Waters announced the subcommittee assignments for 2013 at last week's board meeting.

Waters said, he consulted with Superintendent Dr. James Crisfield and Vice President Rona Wenik after asking board members what committees they were interested in. 

During the reorganization meeting, Waters explained, although he would consult with Crisfield and Wenik, it was would ultimately be his decision as president. 

The assignments are as follows:

Personnel (ad hoc)

  • Wenik (Chair)
  • Regina Truitt
  • Jean Pasternak


  • Truitt (Chair)
  • Michael Birnberg
  • Dr. Eric Siegel
  • Wenik


  • Wenik (Chair)
  • Birnberg
  • Truitt
  • Raymond Wong


  • Birnberg (Chair)
  • Lise Chapman
  • Siegel
  • Dr. Rupali Wadhwa

Special Education (ad hoc)

  • Chapman (Chair)
  • Siegel
  • Truitt
  • Wenik

Board Staff

  • Waters (Chair)
  • Chapman
  • Wadhwa
  • Pasternak

Student Liaison

  • Truitt (Chair)
  • Wadhwa
  • Wong
  • Waters


  • Siegel (Chair)
  • Birnberg
  • Chapman
  • Wenik


  • Birnberg (Chair)
  • Pasternak
  • Wadhwa
  • Wong
NJSBA: Pasternak Joint Failities: Wong GSCS Liason: Pasternak 

Also at the meeting:

  • Millburn's Board of Education President , for their service on the board.
  • Superintendent Dr. James Crisfield presented the intial 2013-2014 budget.
  • Millburn-Short Hills Special Education Committee (M-SPEC) protested the formation of a new parent advisory committee for special education.

The protest generated responses from both Crisfield and the executive board of MSPEC. Articles can be found below:

  • MSPEC Releases Statement on District's New Advisory Committee
  • Crisfield Responds to Concerns with New Parent Advisory Committee
M OKeef January 23, 2013 at 12:50 AM
Wasn't the teacher's contract renegotiated last year? Why would there be a Negotiations Committee?
MarkDS January 23, 2013 at 01:44 PM
First of all the contract came almost a year after the last one expired so it is not too long until it is up again. Second there are always things that need to be negotiated with the union during the course of a contract.
Marty Wilson January 23, 2013 at 03:38 PM
Just got an e-mail re: an Ed Foundation event with Crisfeld and Siegel - it is $100/person for a good topic - stress in school transitions (open to parents of kids in 5/8/12). why isn't this open to the public? why is it a ridiculous $100 (hoity toity food selection they say). do the people who go get special access to crisfeld and siegel once go to this event the same way special interest groups get special access to politicians? why can't m-spec run an event like this - or did they do something to 'upset' dr. c? maybe theirs can be $200. does anybody else see this as a slippery slope towards bribing, I mean contributing to our educators for access?
Marty Wilson January 23, 2013 at 03:43 PM
and what's with the one-day notice? did the event invite go out to vip's earlier and then to the rest of us with 24 hour notice? what gives?
J S Beckerman January 23, 2013 at 08:41 PM
It's a fundraiser; that is why it is $100/person. We have a town of whiners who, when given numerous opportunities over the years to attend Ed Foundation fundraisers, never go, despite the Ed Foundation funding items for all students.
Noreen Brunini January 23, 2013 at 08:46 PM
Umm, I'm sure the intent is good and only a creative effort to raise funds but can see how it might imply selling access.
MCR January 23, 2013 at 09:12 PM
The event was in Miller Mail Jan. 11 and was in a separate email from Nancy Dries - it was rescheduled. If you have kids in the schools you would have received it.
Marty Wilson January 23, 2013 at 09:20 PM
hey js, i am not averse to fundraisers. have the bands, black tie events, house tours, do the taste of the town without the admin speakers, etc. but this topic is vert appropriate for everybody and when you bring in high ranking admin people and charge high prices, it has the appearance of impropriety. it would be like charging $100/head for how to get into AP classes or how to get ahead at Millburn - with Dr. C and other high ranking officials. I'm not against fundraising and I don't consider this whining, fundraising shouldn't happen for events like this is my point....as for the 1/11 notice, i guess I didn't see it. i'll retract that 'critique'.
MarkDS January 23, 2013 at 09:29 PM
The Ed Foundation is a great group that really helps the schools and saves the taxpayers money. But when I saw this event (and as a parent of a student I have been aware of it for a while) I did think it was strange and probably inappropriate to be charging for a talk with the Superintendent. It would be fine to bring in an expert and charge for that, but if the Superintendent is speaking he should speak for free to all comers from town on a first come first serve basis.
Noreen Brunini January 23, 2013 at 10:36 PM
Is it Nancy Siegel the HS Head Guidance Counselor (my assumption) or Dr Siegel the BOE member that will be making comments at the Fundraiser?
greengirl January 23, 2013 at 11:08 PM
Every article-the same people, the same two warring sides. Those that unequivocally back and defend Crisfield and those that are unhappy with the BOE and the administration. Now its the same players except its the Ed Foundation. This is just like the BOE meetings-every week the same people, the same divisiveness. The posters are probably many of the same people who attend the BOE meetings. Even in their own homes people most don't want any part of this bickering as neither side ever concedes a point or compromises. No wonder so few residents participate in BOE meetings or comment on articles here on the Patch. I feel as though the regular posters too often engage in personal attacks which disparage others from wanting to participate. We need a forum for constructive dialogue where people can come to respectfully discuss concerns and issues. I am sick of all the fighting and wish the focus could be placed exclusively back on what is in best interest of the town and the students.
Marty Wilson January 24, 2013 at 03:44 PM
greengirl - u should try reading/thinking before you type. i like crisfield and think he is doing a good job. like zoinks, i think it is inappropriate that he is speaking at a $100/head fundraiser on this topic. if there is a private expert, go for it, charge $500/head - that's fine - but if it is a public official for whom we are all paying his salary - he shouldn't be selling himself for the fundraiser of a specific group. I almost said that he can do it if he sells himself for all groups - but that would be just as wrong. he shouldn't keynote at a $100/head fundraiser period. i think we are all sick of all the fighting - because i am against $100/head fundraisers by the superintendent doesn't mean i am not respectful either. you are the one throwing bombs and accusations galore without even thinking about what i am saying. i am not one of the people who YOU disparage above - I rarely post here and don't attend boe meetings. have a nice day.
greengirl January 27, 2013 at 02:23 PM
Marty Wilson, I did not single any one person out and actually I was not not referring to you. Ironically, it is you who prove my point with this last post. You state that Dr. Crisfield is "selling himself". Are he and Nancy Seigel getting paid or donating their time to help fundraise for their community? Lastly, insulting people and then adding have a nice day is childish.


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