Board Puts Off School Calendar Vote

February break would still be two days, but the half days would be converted to full days in a new proposal.

More changes are on the way for the 2012-13 school calendar, but February break is expected to be kept at two days.

The Millburn Board of Education put off its vote on the calendar during its meeting on Monday night. The would have cut February break to two days while the remainder of the week would have been half days.

Scott Kamber, program committee chairman, said more changes were being made to the calendar, and among them would be to convert the three half days into full days.

Kamber made his comments after Kathy Monahan, a parent, said she thinks the half days are a bad idea.

"Nothing will happen in school," she said. "The kids won't be there. Spread out the days over the year."

By having the three half days, she said, the board was conceding that no one would send their kids to school that week. She doesn't pull her kids out of school for vacation or other activities, she said. "They go to school to learn," she said. But teachers concede a half day because half the class won't be there, she said.

School officials were examining ways to prevent school from ending on June 28 in 2013. They came up with the proposal that included cutting back February break to two days and had school ending on June 21.


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