Crisfield Decides on District Makeup Days

Millburn superintendent announces plan for school calendar.

After Superstorm Sandy, Millburn schools were required to stay closed during extended power outages. 

Superintendent Dr. James Crisfield recently announced the district's plan for the school calendar:

  1. If we need any further "weather" days this winter, they will be taken from April break (starting with the Monday of that week and working forward as needed).
  2. For the two schools that need to make up more days (two at Hartshorn and one at Deerfield), those days will be made up during the April recess. Exactly which days those two schools will be in session while the others are not will depend on how many days are needed for district-wide "weather" days between now and then.
  3. At this time, there is no change to the June calendar (including the fact that MHS graduates on 6/25/13).

To be sure, there were options to choose from to make up the days and the above plan will not please everybody. In fact, I can't think of a topic that attracts more opinions (many of which are, let's say, "strongly held") and that can more solidly guarantee a lack of unanimity than the school calendar! But something had to be done, so I solicited input from many quarters, listened to everybody's pros and cons, and then made the call. 

I thank everybody in advance for your understanding and kind consideration. 

Jim Crisfield


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