Where is the Deerfield School Time Capsule?

Deerfield Elementary is asking residents if they know where the time capsule was buried so it can be uncovered for the school's 50th anniversary this November.

Rumor has it that a time capsule was buried somewhere at the Deerfield Elementary School when it was built in 1962. 

It is believed to be behind the 1962 brick near the entrance of the school, said school principal Kelly Salazar. But people have also told her it's in the original foundation or under the new wing of the school.

This November, Deerfield is celebrating its 50-year anniversary and Salazar is on a mission to find it before then. 

After searching through old library achives to pinpoint the exact location, Salazar has compared the search to an 'Indiana Jones' style hunt. She said the only clue she's found in her research, is a content list title, "Articles Place in Corner Stone Box."

Salazar and the Deerfield community realizes they cannot do this alone - so they're asking the public: Do you know where the Deerfield time capsule is hidden?

"It would fun to just find it and uncover it with the kids," Salazar said. "I just want someone confirm its location before I put holes in the school."

As part of the anniversary, the school is planning to bury its own time capsule. The capsule will be filled with items students would like to bury in the hopes they would be uncovered on the school's 75th anniversary.

The content listed in the missing time capsule are:

  1. Children's impressions of Deerfield School
  2. Speech by principal on back to school night
  3. Recording of sixth grade songs at the dedication
  4. report by Mr. Roy Anderson
  5. Copy of the Millburn Item
  6. Fifth and sixth grade newspaper
  7. First grade newspaper
  8. Colored slides of faculty, school and custodian
  9. A paper by Debbie Moody, eight-year-old, grand-daughter of Mr. Roy Anderson
  10. First Grade Pre Primer Book
  11. Sample of reading game used to learn phonics
  12. P.T.A. Hand Book
  13. Copy of brochure tax payers received at the voting for the bond issue

Do you think you know where the time capsule is buried?

Deerfield Elementary asks residents to comment below if they know where the time capsule is located. 

mark-m September 13, 2012 at 04:11 PM
I can guarantee it will be in the last place you look.


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