Elliot Cahn, Millburn Board of Education Candidate

Elliot Cahn seeks seat on board.

General Information

Name : Mr. Elliot L Cahn
Date of birth : 21 August 1965
Place of residence : Millburn, NJ



Attended college : Yes
College : SUNY New Paltz
Degree : BA
Year of graduation : 1989

Grad school

University : Hunter College
Degree : Elem. Ed
Year of graduation : 1997

Employment Information

Job titles held : Teacher
Employers : South Orange District

Political Information

Running for a: office
Running for position: Board of Education

Incumbent: No


I am a candidate for the Millburn Township Board of Education this November. I would like to share my credentials with the citizens of Millburn so that you can make an informed decision on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th. I encourage you to learn even more about the candidates by attending one of the two forums hosted by various community and parent groups during October. I am an educator and have taught for 21 years in schools, currently as a 5th grade teacher in South Orange at the South Mountain School. I have lived in Millburn for 14 years and my roots -- as well as those of my family -- are strongly planted in the community. In addition to fulfilling my responsibilities as an educator, I served as manager of the Millburn Township Pool for more than a decade. My wife, Kristy, also works full time in the area. Our two young children, ages 5 and 7, attend the South Mountain School in Millburn. As for my educational and professional background, I received a BA in Psychology from SUNY New Paltz. In addition, I have a MA in Elementary Hunter College and accumulated 200+ hours of professional development in Education. I have been selected to serve on the Principal's Advisory Committee -- meets with parents and principal to discuss roles, problems and solutions in my school; Intervention Committee --meets with assistant principal, special education teachers, school psychologist, to determine learning disabilities for specific students who were referred to committee by teachers for evaluation and support strategies for students and The Professional Learning Community Committee, which researches strategies used in the classroom. What would I bring to the Millburn Board of Education? 1. I care deeply about my community and I have a strong desire to give back. My family and I are part of Millburn's future and giving back for me means being engaged in our schools in a way I can best contribute. I have already been extensively involved in the community through my job as Pool manager. I know many families well and have worked with children in this community for years-- -- through employing and training them and overseeing their safety over many summers. I understand the pride this community takes in its youth and its schools, and I want to be a part of keeping our schools the best they can be for these kids. 2. The Board of Education is a natural fit for an educator. My expertise, skills and knowledge as an educator will add a missing voice to the current Board-- the voice of a dedicated and deeply knowledgeable educator. I understand the priorities that the Board must focus on in the 21st Century so that every student will receive an exceptional education in Millburn now and into the future. Teachers and students have to collaborate with the administration, community and Board of Education to bring innovation and excellence into every single classroom. There has to be trust and respect, and a strong working relationship to make this happen consistently. I will build partnerships with the leadership team of Millburn schools and fellow Board members to share my views as an educator to influence policies and oversight practices that focus on student achievement. 3. A teacher knows best what teachers need to perform with excellence in the classroom each day for every student. I will work with fellow Board members to make teacher development and training a priority and focus of our administrators by setting goals and allocating resources to making every Millburn teacher the best he or she can be. 4. I know the realities of NJ's financial crisis and live it firsthand as an educator employed in a NJ public school. Fiscal management in the coming years is key to the continuing success of public schools. Boards must be clear on their priorities and balance much more limited resources with demands for innovation, technology and more for students. I must live within those means each and every day in my classroom. And I understand the importance of making sure every dollar given to our schools by taxpayers is spent wisely. I respect the investment taxpayers make in our public schools and I will work hard to demonstrate ways that our schools can be more efficient and do more with our precious resources. Our community is very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers to serve it. I would be honored and humbled to join those ranks in serving the Millburn Township Public Schools as a member of the Board of Education. I appreciate your consideration of my credentials to serve you in this capacity. I hope you will decide to cast your vote for me on November 6th. I wish my fellow candidates the best of luck in this election.


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