Girl Scouts Clean Up South Mountain Reservation

Troop from Seth Boyden School tackles trash in the reservation.

Junior GS Troop 20648 from Seth Boyden Demonstration School, led by Tracey Woods - Trash Tackler Coordinator for the South Mountain Conservancy- spent Saturday morning spring cleaning at the South Mountain reservation.  They worked for an hour and a half clearing garbage and debris from the entry drive off of South Orange Avenue.  In that time the girls collected about four cubic yards of trash. 

The troop was amazed at the amount of garbage they were able to collect in such a short period of time.  Bottles, cans, plastic bags, wheels, boots and even a stereo system were removed from the side of the road.  Maura Donnelly remarked, "I can't believe people just throw this stuff out of their car windows".

"Why don't people just throw their trash in the garbage cans?' questioned Jolie Heriveaux.

"Removing trash from the highly trafficked ares of the reservation keeps it from blowing into the forest and river.  Litter negatively affects the balance of nature in the reservation, creating unnatural nesting places for insects, interfering with bird habitats, and creating hazards for humans and animals alike", says Tracey.

You can  contact Tracey Woods about scheduling a group cleanup at traceywoods@verizon.net


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