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Boys 5-3 on season, girls fall to 1-8

The Millburn boys fencing team is now 5-3 for the season. After winning three in a row the Millers fell to rivals Governor Livingston (8-4) and Columbia (12-0).  

Earlier this month, the Millers met up with Livingston (on Jan. 10.)  Livingston's two strong saber fencers, Jason Cai and Ed Chin, were inactive for the day and Millburn took advantage of their absence. Millburn started strong and led 6-3 after the first round. They continued on and won the second and third rounds 6-3 and then won the meet 18-9 (14-7). Alec Tabatchnick and Dan Dembner went 3-0 in saber. Foil fencer Harry Glicklich went 2-0 and epees Ricky Eschenbach and Walter Zhang also went 2-0.

The Millers then traveled to Morristown where they won the meet 24-3, allowing for early substitutions and 19 different fencers on the strip. The Millers took a 9-0 lead after the first round and continued their dominance in the second round going 8-1. The Millers took the third round 7-2. The Foil fencers went 9-0 on the day, with the sabers 8-1 and the epees 7-2.

Next, West Essex came to Millburn on Jan. 17 and the Millers came out on top with a score of 19-8 (14-5). The Millers won the first round 7-2 and the second 2 rounds at 6-3 each. With a strong lead, the Millers were again able to make early substitutions allowing 17 fencers on the strip. The Saber squad went 7-2 with Ray Holloway and Alec Tabatchnick going 2-0 and Dan Dembner 3-0.  Foil fencers Andrew Brod and Andrew Afable each went 2-0 and epees Alex Holmes, Albert Reiss and Cyrus Vokshoor were 1-0 on the night.

On Jan. 19 Governor Livingston traveled to Millburn where both teams fenced strongly leaving the last bout to decide the winner. Governor Livingston came out on top in the first round 5-4. The Millers came back and took the second round 5-4. The Millers were up 13-12 going into the last 2 bouts of the evening. Governor Livingston epees came on strong and won the final two bouts giving them the 14-13 win over the Millers. Keegan Caulfield went 2-0 and Ricky Eschenbach 2-1 on the epee strip. Andrew Afable was 2-1 in foil and Ray Holloway and Alec Tabatchnick were also 2-1 in saber.

The Millers also traveled to New Jersey Fencing Alliance to meet up with district rival and undefeated Columbia. The Cougars came out strong winning the first round 7-2. They continued with a 6-3 showing in the second round and won the meet 16-11 (14-5).  Ricky Eschenbach went 2-0 in epee for the Millers. Alec Tabatchnick and Dan Dembner each went 2-1 in saber and Harry Glicklich also was 2-1 in foil. 

The Millburn girls fencing team has fallen to 1-8 on the season. They have had some close meets but been unable to come out with the wins.

The Millers had an exciting match against Morristown. After being down 13-10 the Millers staged a comeback in the last round. Helen He won her foil bout to bring the score to 13-11. 

Next, both Marianna D’Aries and Samantha Fortuna won their epee bouts and fought to bring the score to a tie at 13-13.  Unfortunately, the Millers lost the last bout of the evening and were defeated by Morristown 14-13.

Millburn had another close meet against West Essex on Jan. 17. The Millers took a 5-4 lead after the first round.  West Essex fought back to win the second round 5-4. Going into the third round tied at 9-9, the saber squad went 2-1 to bring the Millers into the lead 11-10. With only one win by the foil squad the Millers found themselves in a tie at 12-12. West Essex epees came out strong and won all three bouts defeating Millburn 15-12.

Ilana Kamber and Dana Leichter went 3-0 in saber for the Millers. Helen He went 2-1 in foil and Marianna D’Aries also went 2-1 in epee. 


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