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Millburn's Scholastic Boosters Accepting Applications for Grants

Boosters have given away $1 million in educational grants in last 64 years.

The Millburn-Short Hills Scholastic Boosters has officially kicked off its annual campaign this month to raise funds for the educational grants it has been providing to local college students for 65 years.

“For many deserving students, the challenge of assembling a financial package to attend college becomes more difficult each year,” the Boosters President John Ward said. “The cost of textbooks alone can reach upwards of $500 a semester.”

Since 1947, some 970 students, trying to close the shortfall in their college funding package, have received awards from The Boosters totaling more than $1,000,000.

Ward added “A recent Pew Research Center study found that 95% of those at private universities must take out loans, while half of those at public institutions do so. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree leave school with an average of $23,000 in debt. For many others, the debt amount is significantly higher.”

The Boosters offer support to students that doesn't need to be repaid unlike loans Ward explained. 

“Every student—and their family—who receives a Boosters Grant has already been willing to put himself or herself under considerable financial obligations that will follow them well past their college years," Ward said. "Nevertheless, they still face a shortfall in their funding package.  The Boosters continue to rely on the generosity of this community to help these worthy students bridge some of that shortfall and lessen their financial burdens.”

The Boosters' campaign mailing was prepared by the students of the Career Awareness Center at Millburn Regional Day School, a school for students ages three to 21 with multiple disabilities.

The Career Awareness Center students work in the community at various jobs and in the school workshop preparing mailings, fabricating boxes, shredding, and various assembly jobs.  For more information about the Career Awareness Center and the services it provides, please call Michele Zaitz at 201-498-8137 ext. 5884.

To obtain a Scholastic Boosters grant application, visit msh-scholasticboosters.org or write to Millburn-Short Hills Scholastic Boosters, P.O. Box 42, Millburn, N.J. 07041.  Application forms also are available from the Millburn High School Guidance Office.


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