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Millburn Schools Get Summer Time Renovations

The district lined up over 30 projects for this summer.

During the summer months, the Millburn Board of Education has been catching up on work around the district to get ready for the 2012-2013 school year. In last week's meeting, the board reviewed projects scheduled over the summer.

The Property and Finance Committee approved an order in its July 18 meeting to ensure district wide concrete renovations would be completed by the start of the school year. A contract was issued to Diamond Corporation to start immediately and the board approved the official resolution at the July 30 meetings to not exceed $172,520. 

"We funded it because it was important to get things moving in the summer," board member Lise Chapman said.  

after the bid was awarded to Shauger Property Services, dropping the price $1,000 to $368,815.

Those renovations will replace the bleachers. The board also discussed the importance of renovations to the bathrooms under the bleachers because of the complaints after the Fourth of July celebration.

Board President Michael Birnberg said it would be considered next year as well as a snack bar. He explained this is the first year the board has started to concentrate on the ascetics of the district and the recent surplus will help with next year's projects.

Here's what the Board of Education has been working on this summer:

Athletic Field Deerfield Educational Center Glenwood Hartshorn Matienence Building Press Box Repave Driveway & Emergency access road Fire Alarm Systems Replace Multipurpose Room Floor Chain Link Fence: Upper Field Roof Repairs Stadium Speaker System Stairtreads Burglar Alarm Systems Stair treads Replace Gym Lights Fire Alarm System Replacements Concrete Bleacher Renovation Burglar Alarm Systems Middle School High School South Mountain Wyoming Miller Field Roofing and Flashing Exhaust Fans: Chemistry Rooms- 117,173,175 Front Concrete/Blacktop Replacement Restrooms Renovations Field Fix: Water Main Auditorium Renovations Stair treads Curbs and Sidewalk Replacements Flooring Repairs and Replacements Curbs and Sidewalks Main Gym: Refurbish Bleachers Stair treads Stair treads Cafeteria Waste Pipe Main Gym: Wall Matts Concrete for Dumpsters Swipe Cards Curb and Sidewalk Repairs Swipe Cards


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