Sandy Costs Millburn School District $232,000

The High School and South Mountain Elementary required emergency repairs.

Millburn's Board of Education approved contracts for almost $232,000 to repair the damage to district's schools from Superstorm Sandy at its most recent meeting.

"I'd have to say we were lucky," Business Administrator Steven DiGeronimo said. "The damage to school facilities was, on balance, relatively small."

One section of the High School and South Mountain Elementary were repaired immediately to prevent further damage by snow storm Athena.

The high school sustained significant damage, losing one complete section that spanned about 2,800 square feet, DiGeronimo said.

The South Mountain Elementary had four smaller sections of roof repaired.

Although the damage to the other section of the high school roof was much larger, there was still coverage so an emergency repair was not necessary, DiGeronimo said.  The smaller section damaged lost two layers of the roof exposing the concrete of the building. 

"Critical repair has taken place to prevent further damage to the buidling," board member Regina Truitt said referring to the High School. "Contractors were secured to ensure quick repair before they were hired by others."

Buildings and Grounds told the committee most of the damage was done to the roofs due to the high winds. 

Location Cost Project High School $68,548 Repair/replace of an approximete 2,800 square foot roof section High School $158,548 Emergency repair/replace of a approximate 7,200 square foot roof section  South Mountain $4,660 Emergency repair four sections of roof

In addition to wind damage, trees destroyed the batting cage and fell throughout the grounds of Hartshorn and the high school.

School board property committee called a special meeting on Nov. 9 to discuss the damages occurred and necessary emergency repairs, Truitt said.

MK Lyons, LLC was awarded the contracts and paid from the district's operating fund. The damage claims will be submitted to the school district's insurance company and then to FEMA to recoup as much as the costs as possible. 

Leslie November 20, 2012 at 05:37 AM
2800 feet is half a mile. Do you mean square feet?
LDSF November 20, 2012 at 12:25 PM
Sandy cause so much costly damage.
M OKeef November 20, 2012 at 02:52 PM
Was this because trees hit the building or the wind just blew the roof off?


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