Elementary School Chess Teams Foster Community

Chess league is comprised of students from Millburn and Summit schools.

Hartshorn and Deerfield teams/Photo provided
Hartshorn and Deerfield teams/Photo provided

Students from Millburn and Summit elementary schools have been checkmating each other in a series of chess matches that has been taking place since last fall as part of the chess league. 

The chess league was formed last September and is comprised of chess teams from Summit's Lincoln-Hubbard Elementary School and three Millburn schools: Deerfield, Glenwood and Hartshorn Elementary Schools.  

“Chess is such a wonderful game for the mind and competing as a team helps to foster collaboration and team spirit.” says Glenwood Elementary School Principal David Jasin, whose school has had a chess team for many years. He is “delighted that Deerfield and Hartshorn have started their own chess teams this school year.” Each elementary school grade level is represented in these teams, as there are students from Kindergarten through 5th grade who participate. 

At the end of the school year, each school will have played a rival school twice. During matches, individuals are paired up with a similar level individual from the opposing team. There are two rounds in each match, and the team with the most number of individual player wins is the winner of the match. The team with the most wins will take home a trophy to be displayed in their school. The chess league is midway through its season.  

If you’re interested in having your school join the chess league, please contact Kevin Kade at kevinkade@optonline.net.


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