Winston Students Show Stylish Art

Runway show to feature wearable art

Allie Bond's dress cascaded into the room in a flow of color. She swirled the dress around her to show off what she had created.

Bond's dress, though, won't show up on a New York runway as part of a spring collection. Instead, the eighth grader's dress will appear in a runway show at the Winston School this spring.

Her project is part of her art class in which the students had to create a wearable art. Sophie Reiter, one of the 17 students in the class, said the goal is not to create clothes that someone would wear out. Instead, the students were to create something inspired by art they learned about since they were in sixth grade.

Reiter's outfit was inspired by the LOVE statue by Robert Indiana, and it was a dress constructed from paper covered with photos of the statue. There's a cape, which she plans to take off dramatically during the show.

"I love this statue, and I thought it would be a statement to make a dress out of it," she said.

Eric Moglia, another students, created a suit splattered in paint, inspired by Jackson Pollock. Included is a hat and a cane, also splattered in paint.

"I like to splatter paint," he said. "I would love to wear this out."

Bond's dress has a train of streamers and she plans to carry an umbrella covered in streamers. The dress started also as a splattered paint project and evolved.

"I like color," Bond said as she twirled the umbrella. "I wanted the dress to be long but short, so I made the train. It's a waterfall of color."

Carolien Dillon's project is different than the others in that it really can be worn. She's creating a scarf based on Piet Mondrian's work that was mainly squares in red, black, yellow, white and blue.

Dillon started knitting the scarf the first day of class and will continue to knit until the day before the runway show.

Taylor Vessa, another student, created a dress with sunflowers, inspired by Georgia O'Keefe. It would take her one class period of 30 minutes to create one of the sunflowers on her dress.

Her favorite part of the project was the very beginning when she planned her dress.

"I got excited thinking about what it would look like," she said. "It's what I thought it would look like."

Pillar Dominguez, another student, created a ball gown with a hula hoop, bubble wrap and duct tape. It's covered in speech bubbles. Everything the students created, she said, was recorded as part of a documentary.

Naava Katz, the class' teacher, said the documentary was made in a Project Runway-style show, and it will be a 30 minute program to complement the runway show.


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