Beat This, Chris Brown: Man Claims R&B Singer Punched Him

"I feel like boxing."

Chris Brown in trouble again. (Patch file photo by Getty Images, Kevin Winter.)
Chris Brown in trouble again. (Patch file photo by Getty Images, Kevin Winter.)
By Todd Richissin

Bowie, Maryland – R&B singer Chris Brown has been sued for $1.5 million in D.C. Superior Court by a Prince George's County man who says the entertainer punched him.

Parker Isaac Adams, 20, of Beltsville, said in the lawsuit that he approached Brown outside a Washington hotel in October and tried to take a photo with the singer, according to The Washington Post

Adams said that rather than posing, Brown objected and punched him in the face after saying, “I feel like boxing.” 

Adams’s attorney, John C. Hayes Jr., says his client suffered a broken nose and other injuries to his face. Adams is suing Brown and a bodyguard for $1.5 million each. The suit was filed Tuesday.

Brown, 24, and Hollosy are each facing a misdemeanor simple assault charge in connection with the incident, which occurred outside the W Hotel in downtown Washington. A trial date was set for April 17 trial date.

Brown’s attorney, Danny Onorato, told the paper that his client is innocent and that Brown’s security was protecting him and his property.

Adams said in the lawsuit that when Brown objected to the picture, he said he was not down with that “gay (expletive)” and punched Adams in the face.

B. Dub February 21, 2014 at 10:20 AM
Nothing beats a good looking woman who can sing. Except Chris Brown.
Craig Zac February 21, 2014 at 10:25 AM
@ Issac, go back and read the comment again.. in fact here, we will replace the "N" word with the word Moron. "Ahhh, yes! "Chris Brown." The Morons, Moron!" He only said "N" word because THATS WHAT BLACKS CALL EACH OTHER! so again, its like if he said "the Black guys, black guy!" like, He's the "Black guy" the other "Black guys" all like. Nothing racist about that and yes, there were tons of other celebrity D-Bags who do / did this type of crap! Its not so much a Black or White thing, its more of a spoiled rich D Bag thing. But yeah, Chris Brown and Kanye West? two of entertainments biggest D bags alive today. They are like Black Justin Biebers!
B. Dub February 21, 2014 at 10:31 AM
And don't forget Jay-Z who declared he would never use the N-word again because he didn't want his beautiful daughter (who is more special than any other kid ever) growing up in a world where that is acceptable. But then he stopped selling records. So he reneged on that thought and is peppering his music with that word again.
Craig Zac February 21, 2014 at 10:32 AM
Oh and yes... "Charlie Sheen, Josh Brolin, Sean Penn and Mel Gibson." are all morons who suffer from the same Spoiled little rich D bags that Kanye and CB suffer from. lol this is what happens when we put mere mortals up on a pedestal because they are on TV or can sing or dance... Ef them, I can fix a car, can they? I can restore an old motorcycle, can they? I can fix / work on / rebuild my own house, can they? I can use power equipment, can they?
Ed Sorrels February 23, 2014 at 06:29 PM
He hit a man, Damn I thought he only hit women !


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