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Shop Rite of Millburn
200 Main St, Millburn, NJ 07041

Everybody's at the Shop Rite of Millburn – old, young, black, white, Hispanic, Hassidic – and it seemsMore they all know each other. Pushing a cart around admidst the "how ya doins" and the "how's the family?", to a new customer, it's as if this was a church social rather than a supermarket.

It's the neighborhood supermarket, friendly and small, and the only game in town now that Whole Foods moved to Springfield Avenue. There are 15 aisles of food and more than 2,000 items on sale each week. There's produce, both organic and local, a multitude of ice cream choices, a seafood and salad bar, butcher and deli, Italian and Jewish and Spanish foods too – perhaps its time to get the Price Plus card so you can save some money while you're yelling out "How've you been? I didn't see you last week!"

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